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Basic Strategy – The Blackjack Table

Using the blackjack tables correctly, the banker’s advantage over the player is less than 1%, up to the limit situation in which even the player can have an advantage on the bank, albeit microscopic.

All of this, of course, depends on the cards that come out, and based on them, the blackjack table indicates how to behave, that is, whether to call the card, stop, double, or split the hand.

The Basic Blackjack Strategy Is Reliable.

The basic strategy for casinos has been designed and refined over the years by a group of mathematicians with a passion for gambling to make the game of blackjack reliable.

The basic strategy is effective and does not consist of particular ways of playing or observing certain aspects of the game. It is very simply a matter of observing a table in which all the game situations you encounter are reported and, depending on the situation in which you are, act in the manner indicated.

It may seem complicated to those who see it for the first time or impossible to memorize. Still, it is only a matter of time, the data reported are not the result of a few days of studies, but on the contrary, are based on the fundamental strategic elements that can be used for a game of blackjack.

As you can see, you don’t need any particular skills or abilities to use this method. One thing must be clear to those who use it: using the basic strategy, and you will not have the mathematical certainty of winning every hand you play. If anything, in the long run, you will have a greater number of winnings as a consequence of the fact that the odds of losing at blackjack decrease a lot compared to the odds of those who play without a method of play with mathematical foundations.

There is another aspect that must be taken into consideration when approaching a Blackjack table. You want to use a table on which the basic strategy for improving your game is shown; are you using the right table?

There is a table that is the one developed by MIT, which we can consider universal if the decks of cards are at least 3 and if the bank stands on soft 17.

In any case, there are variations of the table, one for each variant of blackjack, which can be found in the various casinos in the world, or the virtual ones of the online casinos. However, the universal table we present is a good starting point to start applying the basic strategy.

So be careful that if in the table you are playing at, for example, the dealer has a 17 in his hand and is forced to draw another card, the behavior you have to keep will be very different from what you should use if the dealer could be with a 16 as happens in certain variants of blackjack, or if instead of simply playing at a table you could play with 8 tables.